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Providing everything you need to refresh, recharge, and ultimately fulfil your destiny.

Close Up of Pink Roses


For group readings at events.

Romani Rose Flower Readings will share their personal, cosmic messages with you.


A light-hearted, peek into a floral window offering insight, inspiration, perspective, solutions, directions into the mysteries of your mind pathways and your journey.


What colours highlight the key emotions of your past, your present and the future ahead?


What influences will take primary focus in your coming days?


The flowers know your heart’s desires and the challenges to address to make them real.


Are you ready to explore the gifts revealed when you look into your flower oracles?

I have over two decades of experience interviewing job seekers. I investigated the talent pool of each candidate and marketed their experience and skills in thousands of
professional job applications.

My career mentoring now goes further, deeper. I ask you more thought provoking questions and use a unique combination of dynamic investigation resources.

For the deeper sourcing of personal purpose we examine a foundation of psychological and career profile purpose questionnaires. Your birth date, and numerology insights, are also blended into the mix to support the identification of strengths, preferences, skill sets and innate talents.


Talent Scout

Career mentoring and talent investigation session.

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Life Recharge
Mentoring Reading

Your inspiration quest.  

Numerology uses your birth date and name to reveal your personality, motivations, skill set, potential talents and life purpose.

We’ll illuminate pathways to positively energise your focus, personal intentions and the activities you may choose, by going with the flow, to activate your purpose.

This mentoring session applies a dynamic combination of numerology insights, the psychology of colour, colour therapy and embraces nature’s colourful floral messengers.

Be inspired by the opportunities waiting for you. Maximise the trends and influences ahead to enhance your daily life, access your heart’s desires and focus on outcomes
of inner peace.

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