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About Me 

Introducing Ursula Kolecki and iwishnumerology
Your inspiration and intention quest starts here

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I became a published author at the age of 23. Our numerology books have been selling for almost 40 years, both across Australia, and international markets. The revamped US title is: The Secret Language of your Name. [Unlock the mysteries of your name and birth date through the science of numerology.] Thus, becoming a co-author of one of Australia’s most popular, best-selling numerology titles.

The sustained, covid global pandemic reached out into all corners of our life on earth. It was much more than a life and death struggle and health crisis. While World War II’s consequences were calamitous and widespread, covid impacted billions more lives. We hunkered down fearfully as one tidal wave after another of covid variants infiltrated our daily lives. It was a universal shared experience and activated all the pain variants of our emotional and mental shadowlands.

Darkness can only exist because there is light. Bad and its companion, good, go hand in hand. Suffering finds its bearings because we know the firelight of joy. From bended knee we may rise and return again to our familiar lives.

But, for many of us, we are unwilling and unable to merely return to riding the train on the same railway lines. We feel the need to head out of the hum drum greyness of same same and to stride out to greet each fresh dawn with an awakened spirit.

Have you too been part of the “great resignation?” Perhaps you have heard its calling and have become a seeker?


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Two paths: Employment reboot and Well-being journey

Awaken     Well being     Intention     Refresh     Inspiration     Mindfulness     Peace


Path One: Employment reboot

While both parents were factory workers they wanted more for their children. Professional employment, made possible through university qualifications, took us away from the humble, yet dignified roots of our parents. They wanted us to have more than simply a pay packet that kept the wolf from the door, they motivated me to seek satisfaction in the positive community outcomes of my work.

While writing and self expression were my foundation skills, every 5-7 years I pivoted into new career directions at a time when having a lifetime employer was still considered desirable. I wrote dozens of job applications for myself over 30-years of work flow. It was these real life experiences I made available to my clients. I have over two decades of experience interviewing job seekers. I investigated the talent pool of each candidate and marketed their experience and skills in thousands of professional job applications.

Your Purpose: My Purpose Career Mentoring now goes further, deeper. I ask you more thought provoking questions and use a unique combination of dynamic investigation resources.

Path Two: Well-being journey

As the daughter of Polish war refugees who migrated to Australia it was my destiny to trudge in the sludge of family splintering, alienation, grief, poverty and dislocation. Frankly, there was only up from there towards hope, redemption and the light. At 10 years old I rescued an abandoned copy of a book about the Scottish Findhorn community, ironically being used as a pot stand for a dead plant. I thought it was a fairytale. Some 15 years later I was assigned as a journalist with The Sun News Pictorial to do a feature story on a Findhorn community member who was visiting Melbourne. I learnt that faeries at the bottom of gardens are real. Maybe.

My journey into astrology, numerology, self help, personal growth, spiritual awakening, meditation, colour therapy and diverse related subjects continued progressively through workshops, therapeutic services, prolific reading, resear
ch and my personal practice. We will tap into my accumulated wisdom in your Life Recharge reading.


In this post covid world, together we journey into the light.

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