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What is numerology & how can it guide me?

“Happy birthday to you.” A greeting that travels the globe and no matter what the language, has the same warm meaning. We intrinsically understand our arrival on earth, our day of birth, and subsequent birthdays are a reason to celebrate. With time, and age, we may well be more discreet about the occasion, but nonetheless, we typically note the date on the calendar. Equally, our full birth date is a critical piece of data used for identity verification and online safety. It appears on documents requiring us to demonstrate our unique identity.

Numerology recognises the significance of our birth date too. The science of numerology particularly investigates the specific numbers of your birthday itself, and the total of all the numbers in your birth date offers additional insights. Each number from 1-9, and the Master Numbers 11 and 22 each have a distinctive pattern of characteristics. The numbers in your birth date are a mirror to your personality, potential skills and talents, desires, motivations, values, employment choices, favourite pastimes.

In our book, The Secret Language of your Name, by Neil Koelmeyer and Ursula Kolecki, chapters discuss these influences in detail.

iwishnumerology also focuses on using numerology in practical, day to day situations. Each day of the calendar has trends and energies available to support, or divert your attention. Learning how to maximise these influences to enhance your wellbeing and life satisfaction begins here.

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